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Current Openings

Claims Detective [CL0098]

​We’re hiring for Claims Detectives. Private eyes. Gumshoes.

In our world, detectives are called on to review with a fine-toothed comb every medical claim that comes our way – scrutinizing its every detail for anything that could get in the way of it getting paid right the first time. For those from the medical world, you’ll recognize a claim as the standard source document (or file) which is submitted to an insurance company for payment. For those from outside of the medical arena, consider a claim an invoice of sorts.

They’re pretty simple really. It’s the details that live ON the claim that can wreak havoc. And that’s where our detectives come in!

As a Claims Detective​, you’ll be examining – inspecting, really – each claim that is passed through our system on its way to the insurance company. You’ll be looking for anything that will come between our clients (medical practices) and their precious cash money. If you see something awry, you’ll fix it. When all is well and good with the claim, you get to make it rain by sending it on it’s way (in our world, that’s clicking the submit button or sending it out the door in an envelope).

If you like examining teeny-tiny details at the speed of a Gazelle, then you’ll probably be happy, but ​the detective work is just the ​WHAT you’ll be doing. It’s the WHY you’re doing it that matters most (more on starting with WHY here >> Start with Why).

Vantage ​Claims Detectives help physical therapists and doctors run thriving practices by getting them paid quickly. Thriving practices help patients move better. People moving better enjoy more of life. People enjoying more of life makes a better world. So, your job will help us live in a better world. And that’s WHY we do what we do.

Below, are some specifics about the job. If you think you’ve got the chops for Vantage, let us know. We’re in the growth business and we need the best you’ve got.

What will I be doing?

  • Inspecting claims. Lots of data. Numbers, letters, and lots of decimal points.
    Working with your team. You’ll report directly to your account manager and will be working on a team with others on your accounts.
  • Answering the phone. Patients will be calling with questions, and you may get the occasional client on the horn as well.
  • Drinking kombucha straight from the tap. That’s right, and there’s beer for you too (after hours, of course).

What do I need to bring?

  • A good attitude.No whiners here, please. Too much good to be done.
  • Initiative. We don’t have all the answers. You might, so bring ‘em.
  • A customer-first approach.Here, you’re going to have customers all around you. ​Your clients, your patients, your team – those all equal the word CUSTOMER at Vantage.
  • Communication skills, professional-like.We like to have fun, but we need maturity, professionalism, and respect. You won’t work here without all three.
  • Flip-flops. The boss wears ’em and we do too (when we want).

What would make me stand out?

We like some experience, but you don’t need a ton. Have experience working with data, computers, and detective work? Be sure to let us know. Have some college? Great, include that too. We’re not looking for you to score a 1600 on the SAT (in fact, don’t tell us if you did – that’ll just cause us a major complex). Financial experience is cool (bank teller, account rep). So is customer service experience.

What’s included in my compensation?

  • A paycheck. Like clockwork, you’ll get this every two weeks. Stoked!
  • A bonus. Every employee at Vantage has the opportunity to earn a bonus for team performance. We win, you win.
  • Health benefits. Medical, dental, vision, prescription, alternative care. Aaaah-choo!
  • Time off. You’ll start at 2 weeks of paid time off per year (and that doesn’t include the holidays!). You’ll also get 6 paid holidays per year. And if you plan to stick around a while, you can earn up to 4 weeks paid time off per year! How do we get any work done at all…
  • Retirement. We’ll match some, or even ALL of your retirement contributions! We’re talking free money here!!
  • Rad holiday parties.Fah real.

We’re a bitchin company. If you already work for one now, that’s awesome – don’t change a thing. But if you don’t, and if you think our odds are good of ​REEEEEALLY loving the heck out of you, you’d better apply quick, because space is limited ’round here.